Ride Or Die Collective: Full Story

The beginning: Blockchain Bikers

Back in August, a collection named Blockchain Bikers was launched and traded on OpenSea. The aim was to launch one biker collection, airdrop one bike for each biker owned and use both NFTs to play in a racing simulator inspired by ZedRun.

Mint price was : 0.09 ETH | Max Supply: 11,111 | Total raised: 999.99 ETH
Nothing about the people who rugged Blockchain Bikers will be given in this article. We are just explaining the full story.

BlockchainBikers logo

With the quality art and hype around BCB and early roadmap being well executed for the first 2 months, no one was expecting what came after.

Founders started to be more and more silent, people started to be scared and they were right. In November founders decided to pull the rug and left with almost all the remaining funds.

The funniest part is the following: They stated they were leaving the project to a community member: they’ve transferred contract ownership and $25,000 to this community member and guess what happened ?
This guy completely disappeared from internet with the $25k he received.
You read it well: This project has been rugged 2 times in a row.

After this complete fiasco, a dedicated community member (@radin_eth) contacted the founders and unexpectedly got 75,000 USDC back:

75,000 USDC sent from BCB founders to 0x02d938b9e864e8148D8e81078f1123D985c851c1 (RoDC community wallet)

$75,000 is almost nothing compared to the total amount original founders raised but could be enough to make something. He then founded Ride Or Die Collective and promised to use these funds wisely to make this project great again.

@radin_eth: doxxed Ride Or Die Collective founder

Ride Or Die Collective: A new hope

Logo designed by @99Solar: a community member

Due to the poor execution and management of Blockchain Bikers, the only thing left was 75,000 USDC and the project assets. No one managed to get any social medias or contract ownership: everything must be rebuilt.

The good thing is we have the artist on our side: @c_reu_d . He designed the bikers and bikes collection and might even be okay to work with us on something special..

@c_reu_d designed Blockchain Bikers collection

Nothing prevents the community to rebuild completely on a healthy basis. New socials have been created by @radin_eth and new contracts are being built by @atak_eth.

As a dedicated community member, @atak_eth is curently building our contracts !

The collection will be relaunched with a lower supply and original Blockchain Bikers founders wallets will be blacklisted from interacting with our contracts.
Details regarding relaunch to be announced later.

To summarize:

  • Original Blockchain Bikers founders left with almost all the funds
  • We have 75,000 USDC left
  • Art is already done and @c_reu_d is on our side
  • The project is being relaunched by the community
  • Founder is doxxed
  • Transparency is the key word
  • New Discord has been built
  • New Twitter has been created @RideorDieNFT
  • New contracts are under construction

As our remaining funds are limited, everyone working on this project is currently doing it for free. Thank you to everyone giving his time and energy to make this revive again.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RideorDieNFT
Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/VXPFxJ7awy





From being rugged by original founders to a complete rebuild driven by the community: Discover the story of Ride Or Die Collective..

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Ride or Die Collective

Ride or Die Collective

From being rugged by original founders to a complete rebuild driven by the community: Discover the story of Ride Or Die Collective..

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