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Ride or Die Collective
2 min readMar 3, 2022

If you don’t know why we are relaunching, please read this article first.

Riders !
As D-day is slowly coming, it’s time to give you some details about relaunch..

First of all we wanted the original founders to be completely kicked out of the project: new contracts and new mint is the best way to do so.

#RideOrDie rocket launch

Minting period

Our portfolios all suffered from the decision BCB founders took, we’ll do everything we can to reduce your costs:

  • Minting will be opened to Blockchainbikers holders only
  • Minting your riders will cost 0 ETH (+gas)
  • Contract will be gas optimized
  • Minting will be opened for 1 full month so you can catch low gas
  • The team knows you are attached to the NFTs you own, you’ll only be able to mint the same riders you’ve had before

There is one difference between the two collections, Ride or Die Collective NFTs will be flipped as follows so you can easily distinguish them:

Hey, we’re not an 0xproject !

Please note: this visual modification won’t affect your NFT properties.


  • Those who minted their riders will get their bikes airdropped (no gas) no matter how many bikes they’ve had
    Expect bikes airdrop to be executed a few weeks after mint
  • After minting period, some unclaimed riders and bikes will be minted with our community wallet rideordiecollective.eth for marketing and giveaway purposes
  • Every unclaimed NFTs left will be burned to reduce total supply: We do think 11,111 riders and bikes was way too much
    As total supply is reduced, your NFTs rarity may slightly change

Everything stated above can be subject to change.

As some people probably forgot this project, not everyone will claim their free riders. We are taking advantage of this to send some unclaimed NFTs in our community wallet after minting and reduce total supply at the same time.

Please remember we are simply relaunching the collection: it means only BCB holders wallets can mint Ride or Die Collective NFTs.. and no funds will be raised through this mint as your riders are free !
The team wants this project to be solid, this is why we are rebuilding almost from zero even if it costs time and money. Our funds are limited but we are convinced that working on solid basis is essential to build a successful project.

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Ride or Die Collective

From being rugged by original founders to a complete rebuild driven by the community: Discover the story of Ride Or Die Collective..